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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Foundation website 


Before submitting your project, please check whether it matches with the Foundation areas of support and eligibility criteria.

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The Foundation missions

“In a world where social and environmental challenges are more widespread and more urgent than ever,  the Schneider Electric Foundation supports innovative and forward-looking initiatives to give as many people as possible the energy they need to succeed.

It is with this pioneering spirit that the Schneider Electric Foundation is seeking to advance. We see our role as a catalyst for technological, social and entrepreneurial innovation helping to close the energy gap and striving for a more equitable energy transition around the world.

Ever optimistic, the Schneider Electric Foundation's aim is to help build a fairer, lower-carbon society to give future generations the keys to transform our world.”


What do we do?

•  Education: Ambitious vocational training programs in the electricity sector for underprivileged communities, providing access to energy in emerging countries.

•  Social innovationImpactful projects supporting low-income families, combating household energy poverty in Europe.

•  Awareness: Digital driven, future-thinking and inclusive initiatives led by young people, raising awareness about the challenges of climate change


How do we do it?

•  Meaningful actions:  Local communities of volunteers to ensure that the initiatives take concrete shape in over 80 countries.

•  Cooperation: Partnerships with businesses, associations, collectives, and state authorities to develop initiatives and create synergies.

•  Advocacy: Initiatives driving impactful change to help close the energy gap.


Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation supports:

Who: projects whose beneficiaries are underprivileged people, mostly teens and young adults, or families concerned by fuel poverty.

What: training and entrepreneurship projects in the field of energy, eco-gestures/energy efficiency training and awareness projects needing human and/or financial/in-kind support.

Where: projects in the countries where Schneider Electric has a presence, and close to its sites.

How: projects led and/or followed up by the Foundation delegates and local entities.

When: projects that require sustained support for more than two years or projects that are set up after a natural disaster.

How much: the Schneider Electric Foundation provides a financial donation ranging from a few thousand Euros to several hundred thousand Euros, in addition to local commitments (financial or in-kind contribution).


The Foundation does not support:

  • One-off events: festivals, galas, exhibitions, concerts, conferences…
  • Non-associative or individual projects: personal projects, student projects, scholarships, study visits abroad, internships, university thesis and dissertations.
  • Editorial or cinematographic projects
  • Communication campaigns or advertising projects
  • Les actions de communication ou les projets ayant un but promotionnel ou publicitaire

We will keep you updated once the program managers have reviewed your project submission.